YRF Merchandise - Dhoom 3 Hat A Orosilber Product

This Press Release informs the reader about various movie merchandise goodies launched by Yash Raj Productions in collaboration with the Orosilber.

Celebrate the New Year in Dhoom style. There is good news for all Dhoom series lovers, as the Yash Raj Productions is going to release their upcoming blockbuster Dhoom: 3. The production house has arranged for various surprises for all fans as they have collaborated with various firms to introduce mesmerizing movie merchandise.

These accessories were officially launched in the market on November 18, 2013. The products are available in the market and various other online stores. The accessories are purely bewitching and trendy and will help the bearer to create an all new style statement.

The production house has collaborated with various firms to promote the movie. They have launched movie merchandise entities ranging from stationary to apparels to help the fans to create a distinct appearance. One can delve into the Dhoom fervor by getting these trendy and stylish accessories.

Yash Raj Productions has chosen the renowned Orosilber to launch its movie merchandise accessories for men. These accessories for men, features a rugged style which enhances the masculine quotient of the wearer. The sturdy range of Dhoom 3 accessories includes ties, pocket-squares, belts, rings, bracelets and much more. The most ravishing accessory for men is the exclusive Hat collection. The designs of these hats are inspired from the theme style of Bollywood actor Amir Khan, who is in the lead role. These hats are made with exquisite craftsmanship. These sturdy hats for men are available in Bowler/Fedora and Trilby style. The various rugged materials used to make these hats are non-woven fabrics and 100% wool felt with sweatband lining. These hats make a perfect option to transform the simple casual look to an all new stunning look.

These hats sure are a must have accessory for die-hard Dhoom series fans. These hats are available at different prices according to the material used. Hats made up of non-woven fabrics bear free size and cost Rs. 799 each whereas hats made from 100% wool felt is available at a price of Rs.1995. The hat with 100% wool felt is available in three sizes i.e. 59cm, 56cm and 53cm. For a superior finish, these hats also feature sweatband lining details done to the inner side of the hats. This merchandise collection was launched in Mumbai in presence of the known Bollywood celebrities Amir Khan and Katrina Kaif. These hats feature a totally unique look to make the wearer feel superior of all. These hats are designed in various styles, but currently, there are following types of hats available in the market:

Fedora/Bowler Hat: People who have a thing for hats and other movie merchandise accessories will like these hats for sure. These hats are daintily done in black color and feature a rugged look. These hats are made up of very exclusive materials like leather, silk and the polyester. Though polyester is not considered as good as silk, these polyester hats will make the fans go gaga for it. These hats feature smartly done bow detailing to the inner rims. When matched perfectly, these hats can take your personality to a new level of charm and fashion. Especially designed to enhance the masculine quotient of the wearer, these hats are going to be the latest fad.

Trilby Hats: These trilby hats from the Orosilber feature a rugged material composition. With high quality fabrics and leather used, these hats offer a dainty accessory to compliment the casual as well as party wear attires of the wearer. The design and style of these hats are inspired from the style statement featured by Amir Khan in the upcoming movie Dhoom : 3. These hats are done in solid black colors and they also feature a stylish bow detailing to the rim.

This winter, Yash Raj Productions have presented a Bollywood delight for its fans. Fans can buy their exclusive movie merchandise accessories from various renowned brand outlets in the market or one can visit www.orosilber.com for a quick and easy access to these unmatched accessories. These hats vary in their prices depending upon the material used to make them. Orosilber is a famed brand for its accessories.


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