Rock That Look With the New Veer Bajrangbali Pendant From Orosilber

Bajrangi Bhaijaan Pendant/ Locket

Accessories are often added to daily attire to make a statement, whether it is to highlight individual style, features or sometimes just as a symbol of distinct beliefs. One can barely grapple with the frenzy lately created by Bajrangbali Pendant that has captured everyone's imagination.

Being one-of-a-kind, the sudden flux of search online for this unique product is close to breaking the internet with demand pouring in from all around. The key lies in finding a quality product that can stand out from a pile of poor look-alikes dumped online by traders riding the new ‘in-thing’ wave. And for that, one should know exactly where to look.

A renowned brand in the world of manufacturing and retailing fashion jewelery and accessories, Orosilber brings a neatly crafted version of Bajrang Hanuman Pendant that will enthral everyone. The pendant is carvedin a shape of Gada (Mace) that represents the true essence of Lord Hanuman – his strength, his stature, his power and a symbol of his protection. The design isarty and it bears a fresh look keeping in mind the aesthetics of a contemporary look one desires, making it perfect for an everyday wear.

The pendant incorporates the bulky look of a mace with the hollow round top that is emphasized with curved lines and a tasteful placement of ring of zirconia diamonds at the centre. A long mace handle with engraved criss-cross lines is the highlight of this classy design. The pendant size is perfect with 47.5mm length and 19 mm diameter. It is also quite light for everyday wear with a weight of just 10.10 grams and can pair perfectly well with both traditional and modern wear. The overall look of the pendant is just divine with great style and craftsmanship that is a hallmark of Orosilber brand.

The premium versions of intricately crafted Bajrang hanuman gada pendants are available in Sterling Silver, Gold and Rose plating to choose from as per individual taste. Even the affordable range of the pendant is available with Orosilber online for just Rs. 795/- only that will ensure not to burn a hole in one’s pocket and making it the most sought after accessory.

Orosilber’s online collection of personalised jewellery and merchandise is enviable and one to definitely own. Personalised and monogrammed rakhis will also be soon available on to make celebrations for the day more special.


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