Orosilber Takes Personalization to the Next Level, Tweaks Jewellery With Precision and Quality

Pioneering in the arena of personalized jewellery, for the very first time in India, Orosilber unveils its wide range of offerings to the Indian and overseas consumers.

The company has been making its mark in the industry since 2001. Innovation, Quality, Timeless Craftsmanship and Trust are the synonyms that the brand abides by, and this exudes in every product in their bouquet. Whether it is necklaces, bracelets or any other piece, Orosilber house a huge variety of personalized jewellery, all of which is showcased on their website - http://www.orosilber.com.

The marvellous array comprises of -

Necklace (Monogram, Name and Bling)

Adorning self with a necklace was never such fun. Orosilber brings you a wide range of personalized necklaces with options in Monogram, Name and Bling necklaces. While Monogram and Name Necklaces resonate elegance, Bling has a glamorous touch, just perfect to go with any cocktail couture collection.

Initial Necklace & Bracelets 

For people who like fun with letters, personalized necklaces or bracelets with initials are just perfect. Not just that, there are options of having all the letters of the name or even favourite numbers, both, in gold and silver finish.

Engravable (Necklace, Bracelet & Cufflinks)

Who doesn't like their name or initial engraved on the favourite piece of jewellery? At Orosilber, the collage of engraved jewellery extends to beautiful neck pieces, bracelets and even cufflinks.

Bhumika Charm Bracelets 

Orosilber's Bhumika Symbol Charms coupled with glass beads, CZ beads, danglers that can be slided smoothly onto Pandora chain made in sterling silver - just the expression of style and exclusivity one needs.

Mantra Shakti Bands

Holy mantras and inspirational messages instils positivity in the heart and mind. What more could stir the core of a soul than a jewellery with a holy mantra inscribed onto it?Orosilber's Mantra bands are just perfect to connect to the divine. Customized with inspirational messages of choice and holy mantras like Gayatri Mantra and Ganesha Mantra, these Mantra Shakti bands makes one feel close to the supreme being.

3D Joolry (Jewelry) Pendant & Keychain 

3D jewellery is another exclusive feather in the cap of Orosilber offering that is designed using two letters. Available in gold and silver plating, it can be further customized to make it special for the occasion.

Signature Jewellery (Korut)

Wearing signature on the sleeves is like flaunting one's persona, who wouldn't want to do it? Orosilber offers to customize neck pieces and bracelets with intricately crafted Signature jewellery that stands out with grace. All that is needed is to send the signature and the customized signature jewellery is casted in no time.

Kids Artwork Jewelry (Joyas) 

Kids love to express through their little artworks. And they also love to see their scribbles everywhere around them. Inspired from their artwork, Orosilber offers to transform these innocent scribbles on paper into timeless pieces of jewellery like keychains and bracelets.

Logo Jewellery 

Whether it's Mocking Jay from Hunger games, or a metal piece exuding superman spirit, Orosilber offers a wide range of logo jewellery that can be even further customized; nothing like an exclusive piece of jewellery styled in the shape of a company logo or a brand icon, isn't it?

Name Rings & Brooch 

Jewellery is very close to a woman's heart. It's something that resonates, not just her beauty but also her persona and grace. The exclusive array of personalized name rings and brooch at Orosilber brings out that style and grace hidden in the heart of every woman.

Rakhi & Friendship Bands

Celebrations are made special with Orosilber's unique collection of personalized name rakhis and friendship bands adorned in pearls and studs and gold and silver finish.

Bobble heads 

Whether it's the favourite look of Krish or Bal Ganesha, or simply one's beloved's cute smiling face, Orosilber can customized any into a timeless bobble head where one can get the face of loved one moulded onto the body of a superhero even; and this is done with simply a picture.

The bouquet of personalized jewellery is so beautiful and huge that one can never fall short of options. Every personalized and monogram necklace jewellery is styled in high quality sterling silver with names, initials, nicknames and signatures; most of these pieces are available in gold, rose and silver plating, even with antique finish. Stud lovers can relish the personalized jewellery ornamented with beautiful zirconia as well. To top it up, the unparalleled collection is all priced reasonably and can be easily ordered online from orosilber.com.


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