OROSILBER Launches the Insignia of Protective Force - Unveiling Bajrangi Hanuman Pendant

Bajrang Bali - the ultimate saviour and protector as He is known as, His versus are chanted almost every day in thousands of homes in India. Also called Sankatmochan, He is believed to rid people of all the obstacles in their path of success. He is stronger than the hardest of rocks with a will higher than the highest of mountains.

Unveiling the protective forces and thriving aura of Sankatmochan, OROSILBER announces the launch of new Bajarangi Hanuman Pendant in the shape of a Gada - a perfect embellishment of Lord Hanuman’s endeared weapon. Just as Lord Hanuman, the Bajrangi Bhai Pendant stands as an insignia of independence, authority and empowers the wearer to win over others even in adverse situations. Embodied with His blessings, it instils faith and embracing love in heart.

The Bajrangi Hanuman Pendant is intricately crafted in sterling silver and oozes classiness and style in every bit of its design. The massive look of the maze is captured through embossed round top, accentuated with curved lines and an elongated mace handle adorning sleek and engraved criss-cross lines. It is available in 4 variants – the ones in pure silver finish, with and without zirconia adornment and the ones in rose gold plating, with and without zirconia adornment. The zirconia variant is embellished with 17 cubic zirconia at the curved line of round top.

The pendant is reasonably priced and is available in the range of Rs. 4999/- to Rs. 6,500/- all across Asia. Besides being a protective charm, the simplified yet classy look it exudes, makes it blend well with both, western as well as traditional couture and tops the list of perfect gifts for the loved ones and well-wishers. 


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