Orosilber Has Announced 40% To 50% Discount On All Licensed Merchandise And Men's Accessories

Upto 50% discount has been announced by Orosilber, the leading people in selling licensed merchandise of high end accessories for men and women.

Whenever there is a World Cup Finals or a popular Music Performance is being held, everybody can witness high spirited attitude exhibited by the fans of participating groups. These fan groups can be easily identified by their accessories they are wearing. Hats, headbands, wristbands, belts, shoes, apparel and many personal things they carry are with the symbols and logos of their favorite team or player or person.

Orosilber is one of the merchants manufacturing and selling licensed merchandise for popular personalities, events and groups. Now, as the festive season has started, the discounts and coupons from Orosilber is a welcoming feature for the loyal followers to purchase the products they wish.

Accessories For Men: 

Highly fashionable products are available with Orosilber. They are designed and produced with high quality. Beautiful silk ties in all colors and designs, leather belts, wallets, suspenders, socks, handkerchiefs, mufflers, tie pins, collar stays, tuxedo studs, cravats and pocket squares are available at 40% discount in price. To avail of this discount use the coupon code OROD40 during online shopping.

Jewelries for Men: 

Rings, bracelets, pendants, dog tags, zodiac and silver chains for men to wear can be purchased with 40% discount. The coupon code for this is OROD40. 

Licensed merchandise: 

Orosilber has a large collection of clothing, accessories and jewelries for men and women beautifully designed with the popular figures and logos from cartoon, movies, music, sports and other popular events. Some of the collections are FIFA 2014, Godzilla, batman, superman, super girl, DC Originals, DC Justice league, little maan sahib, tom & jerry, tweety, Scooby doo, looney tunes, hobbit, KKR IPL and Dhoom3. Use the discount coupon OROD40 and get 40% discount on all these products. Moreover, gold trophies and mascots that can be gifted to your near and dears are available online in Orosilber shopping portal. 

Jewelleries for Women:

With the same coupon OROD40 ladies rings, earrings, pendants, earring pendant sets, necklace, bracelets, zodiac and silver chains can be procured online. Shipping inside India is free of charge. 

Cufflinks for men:

Cufflinks are the most important jewelry of men. Hence, Orosilber has decided to provide 50% discount for these. More than 680 high quality cufflinks beautifully and artistically designed for men are available under this category. We have cufflinks made of silver and gold.

In addition, we have engravable cufflinks, alphabet cufflinks, wedding cufflinks, enamel, fun, crystal, designer, stone and sports cufflinks embedded with popular personalities or their logos to cater to all types of ardent followers. The discount coupon for this is F50CUF. Other than these, Gold Cufflinks, Ganesha statue and silver pens are available for 20% discount. 

We are popular for our quality and craftsmanship. Followers can utilize these two coupons OROD40 and F50CUF and get our accessories that are less in price and great in experience.


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