Orosilber.com Rolls Out Bajrangi Pendant Variants

The nationwide fever of Bajrangi pendant is pumping up so much that it's leaving almost everyone awestruck. And this is pretty much evident from the demand for the Bajrangi pendant one can find online.

And to cash on this chance, many online traders and jewellers have put up their versions of this pendant on sale. However, there are only a few renowned players in the industry who are offering the authentic product of high quality.

Orosilber – a leading manufacturer and retailer of monogram and fashion jewellery and accessories, has rolled out the precise version of the authentic Veer Bajrangi Hanuman pendant which can be availed from their online store. The pendant is fashioned in the traditional Gada (Maze) shape which exudes the miniature form of Lord Hanuman’s weapon. This makes it a most wanted accessory for all devotees of Hanuman who wish to feel blessed through this insignia.

The company has launched both, premium high end variant and economy variant to cater to the wide variety of taste. All the pendants are crafted in high quality sterling silver. The emblematic variant of the pendant parades the true antique finish. The premium versions are donned with additional coatand are available in silver, gold or rose platting.  Moreover, one can also pick from stud models – the ones that has the rounded edges of the Maze shaped pendant adorned with zirconia.

With 47.5 mm length, 19 mm diameter and 10.10 grams of weight, this stylish Bajrangi pendant remains pretty much light to wear accessory and a perfect match to go with one’s daily couture, creating a unique appeal. While premium variants of the pendant are priced little higher, the regular one can easily be bought from Orosilber.com at Rs. 795/- only.

Besides Bajrangi pendant, Orosilber is also to launch a new line in personalized rakhi , Name Jewelry and monogram jewellery, which will be soon made available on their website.


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