Orosilber and the IPL Connection

What would India be without cricket you might wonder and the answer is clearly 'nothing' for cricket is not a sport but a religion in our country.

What would India be without cricket one might wonder and the answer is clearly ‘nothing’ for cricket is not a sport but a religion in India.  A typical cricket season in India is marked by groups of strangers sitting in front of the television in a roadside dhaba or a get together of friends and family; it is also that time of the year when the saas-bahu serials are replaced by loudly cheered matches in the drawing room. IPL has taken the country by storm ever since it bloomed in India – it has reinvented the game in terms of commercialization. Cricket fans worldover wait for the IPL season to begin, which, by the way, is not too far away from now. So, besides chanting loud cheers for the favorite team of the season, what more can be done to join in the galore?

Orosilber, a company headquartered in New Delhi, brings a fresh perspective to joining in the jubilations. The firm is not only the leading fashion accessory provider in India, but has also launched merchandise keeping the cricket fever in mind.

For over a decade, Orosilber has been instrumental in manufacturing and retailing of high end men’s accessories and women’s designer jewelry. From cufflinks to suspenders, from belts and wallets to scarves and pocket squares, from silver jewelry to socks, Orosilber offers a wide range of intricately designed products. To say that a lot of research goes into coming up with a unique design at Orosilber would be an understatement.

The company has further fortified its business by launching its products on ecommerce platform and of course by showcasing them at well known retail outlets. Today, the firm boasts of exporting its fine products to over 48 countries. The business caters not only to individual retail needs, but also to corporate world demands by providing gift packs and branding of corporate gifting.

One of the USPs of Orosilber is the personalized monogrammed concept. From name necklace to charms to initialing and engraving, Orosilber helps provide a personal touch to the precious moments of life and making them truly memorable.

Uniqueness and innovation are key beliefs at Orosilber which is why the firm chose to come up with special accessories for this IPL season. It has collaborated with a hot favorite team of the season – Kolkata Knight Riders to launch a special line of products. The gorgeous cufflinks, neckties, pendants, lapel pins, caps, head bands, wrist bands, and cups are all part of the extravagant collection. Available at affordable prices, the products are sure to win hearts. Better still, this is a good time to be generous and gift one to a friend or let the inner mean streak shine through by gifting a promotional product to a friend supporting the opponent team.

Whatever the reason be, buying merchandise is always a good way to remember the triumphant times of one’s favorite team. The products are durable as they are manufactured using the best of techniques known and are creative because they are churned out of the best creative minds. 


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