Grab Your Baba Bajrangbali Pendant at Just Rs. 795/- Only on

Bajrangbali - a word that resonates supreme power, immense strength and resilience; the sacred word is another name for Lord Hanuman - the saviour and the protector. Just true to His name, he is indeed stronger than steel. For all the devotees of Bajrangbali, adorning their wrists with Hanuman blessed thread is simply a must.

Bajrangbali fervour is catching up and so are the fans going crazy in pursuit of its insignia. So it’s good news for both, Balaji Baajrang hanuman fans and devotees of Bajrang Bali – the Veer Bajrang hanuman Pendant has made its way in the main line men’s accessories. Styled in the shape of a Gada (Mace) - weapon of Lord Hanuman, it has seen nationwide launch by many retailers.

One of the leading brand in finest jewellery and accessories, Orosilber has launched premium and economy version of this lucky charm, which are exclusively available on their online ecommerce portal. While the pendant has flaunting look of antique finish, the company has also rolled out other variants which are platted in gold, rose and silver. All the variants of pendant are crafted from sterling silver and are of high quality. In dimensions, the pendant is 47.5 mm in length and 19mm in diameter and weighs about 10.10 grams. The higher end variants of Bajrang hanuman gada pendant are gold or rose platted. Those who are fond of studs can chose from the designs embellished with zirconia on the rounded edge of the Gada shape of the pendant.

The traditional shaped locket has contemporary yet simplistic appeal which makes it just perfect to go on any attire, even on daily wear. The light and stylish designed Bajrang hanuman pendant can be bought for Rs. 795/- only from the company website -


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