Exclusive Movie Merchandise For Dhoom 3 Fans By The Orosilber

Enormous information with the brand to enjoy the fun at best by using specifically designed products.

Here is an exclusive news for all Dhoom series fans, as the Yash Raj Productions are bringing back the exciting and thrilling action of another sequel of Dhoom series to the screens this December 2013. The Production house is working in collaboration with the Orosilber to launch some of the latest and trendy movie merchandise accessories exclusively for the Dhoom series fans. There is a wide assortment of Dhoom 3 products in the movie merchandising section of www.orosilber.com.

Most of the people are keen to follow their favorite actors and celebrities by wearing the same attires or jewels that they wear in some particular movie. The true fans of Dhoom series will definitely love this enticing collection, which can be acquired at the top-notch retail outlets or on the official website of the Orosilber, who is in the direct collaboration with the Orosilber.

The bewitching collection of the movie merchandise accessories for men includes rings, cufflinks, tie clips, pendants, key rings, belts etc. that are exclusively designed for the promotion of the movie. The Yash Raj Productions wants to reach to its audience through these movie merchandise accessories. Truly, these are a perfect gift for every Dhoom series fan.

For all Dhoom series fans, there is a wide variety of accessories to choose from. These mainly include the special treat for people working in strictly formal environments. Orosilber presents some very daintily designed formal accessories that one can wear to his formal events as well. There is a wide range of cufflinks, rings, tie clips, pendants, key rings and belts. These accessories match perfectly with the formal and semi-formal outfits. There are also various great options for party lovers as well.

Now break the monotony of boring weekdays with these bizarre movie merchandise collection. Let there be an air of fun and liveliness around even during monotonous office meetings and silent business parties.

These accessories make the wearer feel like their favorite star celebrities. The collection is sure going to grab the attention of the boys in the town. For those boys who like to flaunt their rugged outlook with style, these Dhoom 3 movie merchandise accessories make a perfect match. The jewel accessories include variety of finger bands, cufflinks, pendants, key rings etc. and these are inspired from the graphics of the mechanical tools featured in the Dhoom 3.

The festive season has arrived already, the restless Dhoom series fans can pre-order these exclusive movie merchandise accessories for Diwali and the Christmas. Fans need to be really quick as there will be only a limited stock available. All these accessories are manufactured by the Orosilber, thus the products can be trusted for the quality.

All these products are manufactured from durable and solid materials along with a genuine finish that will stay as it is for long. Each and every product is designed distinctively to catch the fancy of the seekers a very first sight. These are comfortable, stylish, reliable and durable all at once thus making them a complete package.

This opportunity makes a golden chance for all Dhoom series Fans to grab these latest and trendy Dhoom 3 movie merchandise accessories. These accessories add glam to even the most casual outfits and make the wearer look like a star. These are the limited edition accessories from the Orosilber, so fans need to hurry to get their share of the dazzling feast. The fans should visit www.orosilber.com to make an order from the merchandising collection before it hit the stores. This is a special offer for all the fans to dress like their favorite stars.

Hit 'Like' on the facebook, or follow the brand on twitter to receive all the latest news about the all new movie merchandise accessories. Create a difference with the new look and make people around envy the style statement of the die-hard Dhoom 3 fans. The collection means no less than the jewels for all Dhoom series fans. These accessories are a perfect entity to keep alive the spirits of your favorite movies. This is a great way to keep the magic of a particular movie alive in the hearts for the time immemorial.

So hurry and order now to be the trendsetter this Dhoom season!


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