City Based Musician Made It to the Grammy with Orosilber Style

Thanks to Modi's Make in India project.The great city based musician Ricky Raj who made in India but never heard in India, now had made to the Grammy awards on tenth of February this year.The 6'2" musician was dressed in a three piece black suit with a vest and bow and the finishing touch to is personality had given by silver cufflinks by Orosilber

The musician got grammy award for his album Winds of Samsara which is a collaborative album with south African flautist wouter kellerman. The award had given for the new age album category at the 57th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on 9th Feb’15.

The young Bangalore boy mesmerized the crowd with its persona who thanked in loud voice to Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi for his fantabulous job and ended with a Vedic Chant. After giving thanks to Wouter, the recording company, the musician thanked to the love of life.

Varsha the loving wife of the musician who received a thank note from the husband. The musician said that it’s felt good after the nomination who has prepared for the other option as well. Receiving the Grammy award was the happiest moment of kej’s life. The music of who has not been appreciated in India. According to Kej, the work should be done, where it got appreciated. Kej’s audiences are in outer countries so it will continue to make music there.

Kej congratulated by Hans Zimmer itself which was the memorable moment of kej’s life. Kej is very much impressed by the Indian Prime minister and a biggest fan of Modi who has started Make in India project to boost the talent of India. Kej’s will continue to make music in Los Angeles and all Kej’s fans in all over the world. Kej also talked about Indian Music which is dominated by Bollywood. If got a chance Kej’s will sure come in India for Indian Fans.

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