Celebrate 'Karwa Chauth' with Gifts Items of New Licensed Merchandise from Orosilber

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Strengthen your bondage with your in-laws by presenting them apt Gifts from the trendy Orosilber theme shop.

Orosilber, the licensed merchant for selling world class accessories for men, women and children, is the right place to get your gift items to be shared with your near and dears for this ‘Karwa Chauth’.  

Karwar Chauth is the Hindu festival celebrated by the married women for the long life and well being of their husbands. It is celebrated during the month of October, exactly on the fourth day of new moon after Dusserah. It will usually fall on October or November. It is a fasting ritual by the devoted wives for their loving husbands. 

The day starts with taking bath in the early morning and wearing new clothes, offering prayers to God without eating and drinking not even water till the moon rises and is seen by them. At the happy sight of moon, wives will end their fasting by offering water to moon and taking food often a good feast. There will also be exchanges of gifts to in-laws, duaghters and sisters of the house.

This is more popular festival in North and Western parts of India than its South counter parts. Orosilber has enabled Indian Women to purchase suitable gifts for this occassion by providing 40% to 50% discounts and offers. Why not the loving husbands make thier wives happy by presenting favorite products to their wives and make them happy during ‘Karwa Chauth’?

Orosilber Gifts to Wives

1. Ganesha Statue is the perfect gift for your fasting wife 

2. Orosilber Silver Rings with semi precious stones will definitely bring a smile to the charming face of a wife. They are designed with latest trend combined with comfort. 

3. Pendants:  Beautiful Sterling silver pendants from Orosilber that refelcts quality and prosperity can be matched with anything they wear.

4. Necklace: In case you can afford to purchase expensive Jewelry, then Orosilber Necklaces are the right pieces that can bring joy and happiness to the wearer.

5. Earrings: For something simple and low priced articles, you can purcahse earrings.

6. Earring Pendant Sets: This is the perfect gift sets for presenting to teenage girls and young wives. 

7. Silver Chains 

8. Bracelets

9. Zodiac Jewelry 

Orosilber Gifts to Husbands

1. Cufflinks: What else is the right thing for the menfolk than to wear the most trendy cufflinks to show their style and fashion? Orosilber provides all types of high quality cufflinks with 50% discount. 

2. Ties, Tiepins and Stayovers: Set of ties, matching tiepins and fashionable stayovers also are the most useful items for men.

3. Wallets 

4. Rings 

5. Dog Tags

6. Money Clips

7. Sports Socks

8. Belts 

9. Shaving Razors and brushes

10. Hats and Caps – All are availble in the online shopping portal of Orosilber with and without symbols or logos representing either sports or movies or any popular events of their choice. 


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