Bajrangi Gada Pendant for Bhaijaan

Fondly called as the son of the wind, he personifies the ultimate devotion. He embraces both the divine serenity of faith and confidence on the outside and the unmistaken storm of courage in his eyes. He is the ultimate protector against evil and wrong. He is fearless and kind. He is impregnable and pervasive. He is the most beloved one and only, Vayuputra - Bajrangi Hanuman.

Anyone who surrenders to such towering power with wavered faith can abandon fear, for Bajrangi vows to protect his committed devotees with the same passion as a father to a child.  A simple act of just uttering his name or citing Hanuman Chalisa evades misfortunes and saves from pitfalls of evil. Regarded as a ‘Sankat mochan’, keeping him close not only surrounds a believer with the protective aura but also assures him of success and prosperity.

Orosilber has crafted a perfect adornment of Lord Hanuman’s endeared weapon- Gada – A Bajrangi Pendant, which radiates the same protective and thriving aura. The Gada, also known as Mace, symbolises independence, ability to establish authority, power to overcome adversity and thrive with triumph. The pendant embodies Bajrangi Hanuman’s blessings to his loyal devotee. It also represents devotee’s unshaken faith in Lord Hanuman. Wearing this pendant feels like being wrapped in the blessed and loving embrace of Bajrangi Hanuman each day.

A Bajrangi bhai Pendant is intricately crafted modern and aesthetic shape of a Gada. With light design, the pendant still captures the massive look of the mace through embossed round top, accentuated with curved lines and an elongated mace handle adorning sleek and engraved criss-cross lines. At the centre of curved lines, on the round top, are perfectly placed 17 Cubic Zirconia which render the elegant design a shiny finish. Bajrangi bhai pendant is available in varied metal finish like Gold, Sterling Silver and Rose plating, to choose from as per one’s liking.

The design is apt for everyday wear and can blend well with any attire – be it Ethnic or Western, hence becoming a flawless accessory to go with one’s everyday look beyond being a good luck or a protective charm. A Bajrangi Bhai Pendant can be a perfect gift as well for the near and loved ones who are steadfast followers of Lord Hanuman


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